About Intrx

With a great entrepreneurial spirit, we are proud to work with interior design concepts that create value and experiences for millions of people who visit our clients every day, in retail, restaurants and public places. We simply like to think of new innovative and sustainable solutions that we with hard work, commitment and a lot of laughter help to realize together.

Our keywords really lead us.

At Intrx, we have decided to work with these keywords.

  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Long-term
  • Together

We work with these for real. Every day and in every project.

Our abilities

We can help you from start to finish if you need to develop a space in your shop, restaurant, or café. Or if you work in a hotel or need help with a more public environment at an airport, mall, or library. At Intrx, we employ architects, developers, economists, carpenters, designers, project managers, fitters and many others who are needed.

We have extensive experience in developing concepts and solutions for grocery and retail, and our concepts are scalable in case you need it.

Our thoughts on CSR

We work with CSR (corporate social responsibility) and thus take responsibility in society regarding social, ethical and environmental aspects.

Intrx strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, we promote systems for recycling and reuse of materials and work to prevent pollution and all types of work-related diseases and injuries.

Our sustainability goals

  • We strive to streamline our energy use
  • We reduce our copy paper consumption
  • We analyse our products to be able to introduce a circular production model
  • We analyse all travel and transport in order to reduce our CO2 emissions
  • We analyse the use of plastics, hazardous plastics are eliminated and other plastics production is reduced
  • We recycle at the company
  • We have a policy for worn-out promotional apparel
  • We encourage blood donation
  • We follow legal requirements regarding GWP emissions


Together with our suppliers, we want to strive for long-term profitability and transparent financial reporting regarding CSR aspects. We develop together with our suppliers so that our goods and services are always manufactured under conditions according to:

  • Global Compacts 10 principles
  • UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • ILO’s 8 core conventions

With a small, unassuming office as a base at home in his basement in Kumla, Jan Jansson started the company. The business concept was to help store owners increase their profitability.

It all started in 1983

During the 1980s, many “hole-in-the-wall-kiosks” in Sweden chose to convert to convenience stores. We were then quickly hired to help the stores plan and decorate their premises. The service trade continued to be our main area of activity throughout the 80’s, where we began to make more and more furnishings for gambling.

In the early 90s, we were assigned to delivering new furnishings to 3,000 service points for Svenska Spel (“Swedish Games”, a state-owned company operating in the regulated gambling market in Sweden). Many of the service points were situated in ICA and Coop stores and thanks to that we got our first contact with food retail. During the 90’s, demand from the food retail companies increased and we began to offer retail solutions for bakery, fruit & veg, and groceries.

In 2004, the founder’s son, Fredric Jansson, took over as owner and CEO of the company. The focus was then shifted further towards food retail and together with ICA we worked hard during the 00’s with new establishments of their hypermarkets.

In 2014, we took over the license for Agripo – the Swedish invention that has come to facilitate the handling of potatoes and other root crops for both staff and customers in food retail.

Today we deliver Agripo to all the Swedish food chains. But there is also great interest from neighbouring countries, not least Germany and Finland, which is why we chose to start subsidiaries in both Germany and Finland in 2019.

In 2019, we acquire the restaurant interior design company Back Up Formagram AB. Formagram is an overall supplier that develops interior design concepts for restaurants and other public spaces. They have long experience of running major remodelling and new construction projects that include subcontracts such as plumbing, electricity and ventilation.

Formagram also broadens our product portfolio through its own production of indoor and outdoor signs, as well as the production of interior design solutions in food-grade composite materials.

Privacy Policy
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