Development of commercial and public spaces

We help our clients do the right things from scratch. With planning, needs analysis, sketches, design, and production for complete solutions.

Ideas for spaces

At Intrx we develop ideas, concepts, interior design and products for retail, restaurants, and public spaces. We assemble and install for a complete solution with the help of our network of competent craftsmen with all insurances and certificates. Thus, you do not have to (if you do not really want to) turn to other contractors during any phase of your development project. As we have clients in many different trades, we have a broad understanding and experience, and we make sure that you can realize your ideas.

Solutions for spaces

What will be the function of the space you want to change? Do you sell a lot of fresh fruit, or do you book and receive hotel guests? Good development comes from a wise analysis. There are practical needs and desires and there are emotional ones to relate to. Of course, we always seek to contribute with experience already at this stage. To then be able to come up with suggestions that we can promise will work for your business. Simpler logistics, better ergonomics, less waste, durability, satisfied visitors, and happy employees, are things we like to work to achieve for you.

Development of spaces

Sometimes you don’t have to redo everything from scratch – a clever adjustment could be just enough to achieve the change you want. For example, make room for new product groups, change a check-out, or create more a spacious area. We are as used to work on the basis of a strict requirements specification as we are working on a nearly blank canvas. We are happy to help realizing your ideas and we can always show you the result before we start building with the help of floor plans and 3D visualization.

Product development

We have an inhouse department that develops product ideas and another department that manufactures products. At Intrx, there is knowledge about how we through products can offer new opportunities in existing spaces, how trends develop and of course design and craft knowledge. We can therefore help you with unique – and very scalable product solutions if you want.

Of course, we also have a variety of more standardized products for many different purposes in trade, restaurant, and café as well as public environments.

We help you all the way

We have already helped many and are happy to help you too! Click on the type of thinking you have and send your e-mail address to us in the field below and the right person will return from us shortly.