Privacy Policy

How we collect data
We register and process customers’, suppliers’, and other people’s personal data in various data registers. The person who is registered must normally be asked before registration if he or she agrees to the information being processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If not, it is important to notify us immediately so that it can be considered when processing personal data.

To a certain extent, however, registration and processing of personal data is necessary and desirable even if the data subject has not given any special consent. It may, for example, be necessary for us to be able to fulfil agreements and obligations according to law. No special consent is required for such registration and processing, which according to the Personal Data Act is permitted without the consent of the data subject.

This is how we use collected and stored data
The purpose of the processing of personal data is primarily to administer the mediation of service or goods and to fulfil entered agreements or measures requested before an agreement has been reached.

Data processing also takes place so that we can fulfill our obligations according to law. This also includes information about contacts between the data subject and us (eg notes of questions and complaints) as well as information about any other representatives of the data subject and how the agreement is fulfilled.

How we share the information we collect
We share the information you provide with companies that intend to process the information on our behalf, in accordance with our instructions, our policy and other appropriate measures for confidentiality and security.

Personal data is stored for specified purposes for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes described in this document. Accounting material is archived for 7 years according to current law.

We use security measures to protect personal data against losses and access of unauthorized persons. We regularly review our routines to ensure that our systems are safe and secure.

Kunders/leverantörers val och rättigheter
As a customer / supplier, you always have the right to request an extract and that we correct incorrect information. You as a customer / supplier have the right to request that your data be deleted, and can at any time choose to deregister, in connection with this, our data processing for the above purposes ceases and we remove the personal data from our register. For deregistration, please contact Susanne Pettersson, CSR Coordinator.